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When Small Teeth Becomes A Big Problem: Peg Teeth

Are your teeth too small for your big smile? Does the uneven proportion make you self-conscious? Also known as “Dracula tooth,” peg teeth are small, pointy teeth positioned on either side of your front teeth. Due to its odd positioning, it gives one a kind of vampire look, hence earning its name.

The condition occurs when the teeth fail to develop properly or at all. In some cases, peg teeth are baby teeth unreplaced by permanent ones. For others, it is a hereditary condition.

Peg Teeth: Should You Worry?

For most dentists in Fredericksburg, VA, peg teeth do not cause serious oral health problems; it may hamper the position of the other teeth, but it will not trigger diseases. In some occasions, another tooth will erupt under the peg tooth.

Should the peg tooth or its surrounding teeth be painful or sensitive, your dentist will recommend an X-ray to look for structural problems, which trigger the discomfort.

Peg teeth can also be a cosmetic issue. Due to the misaligned positioning of your teeth, your smile will appear crooked and uneven.

If your too-small teeth are causing discomfort or hampering your confidence, consult your dentist immediately for treatment options.

Treatment for Peg Teeth

Most dentists offer two options when correcting peg laterals: porcelain veneers and dental bonding.

Veneers are thin coverings applied to the tooth’s front surface. Unlike dental bonding, it’s a permanent form of restoration. The dentist will shape your peg teeth with a dental drill and place a temporary veneer on your tooth while you wait for the permanent veneer. These coverings then create the appearance of normal-sized teeth.

Dental bonding is a quicker and less expensive option. Dentists will apply tooth-colored composites made of glass and plastic resin to build up the tooth’s size until it matches the others. Since it’s a painless process, you won’t be needing anesthesia.

Do not let peg laterals compromise your smile because of peg teeth. Let our practice enhance your smile and confidence with our cosmetic dental procedures.

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