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Time for a New Dentist?

When you are in search of a new dentist it may be due to relocation or dissatisfaction with your current practitioner. When your dentist doesn’t meet your expectations, it can be frustrating. Whether you can’t get the appointment that you need, if the dentist has a cold bedside manner with you and/or your kids, or if the front desk staff is difficult to work with – it may be time to search around and get recommendations from trusted sources.

Personal Care

Your dentist may lack personality, but if their care is lacking it can motivate you to look elsewhere. They have poor chairside manners, are never available to explain procedures or answer questions, or maybe you feel rushed and like a number. Whatever the reason, your visit should be as pleasant as possible with every treatment you pay for.

Requested Appointments

If you are constantly unable to get the requested times of day or days of the week for your next appointment, it can be very inconvenient. Just like if you are often rescheduled; it shows a lack of care and organization.

Support Staff

Even if you have a great dentist, if the front desk and support staff have an unpleasant attitude or if they make billing a nightmare it can ruin your whole experience. You can try to interact minimally, however, if there is mismanagement or unprofessional behaviors they will ultimately trickle into the entire practice.

Modern Tools, Practices & Approach

Those of us who have been with the same dentist since childhood may consider this an advantage, especially when they’ve proven their trustworthiness over the years. However, it could also be a disadvantage if this older practice may be behind the times with the tools, procedures, and even knowledge that has been updated over the years.

Child Experience

Honestly, if your child is having issues with the dentist and they have no related issues, then you most definitely should look around. You want your children to feel safe and cared for by the trusted professionals you select. You want them to be comfortable asking questions and having an open dialogue with those caring for their health.

If you are looking for a new dentist, give the professionals at Southpoint Quality Dental a call today.

Office Closure

Happy Memorial Day From Southpoint Quality Dental!

Our offices will be closed from May 24th to the 28th for memorial day.
We will be open as normal on Wednesday the 29th. Have a great weekend!