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Straight Teeth For A Better Professional And Dating Life

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Oral health problems, such as increased tooth wear and improper chewing, aren’t the only issues that crooked teeth bring. They can cost you a job application or a date, as well.

The key factor here is first impressions. At first glance, people evaluate other individuals based on their grooming and appearance. Research shows that they perceive the attractive ones as more likable and trustworthy and, by extension, better employees or partners.

This explains why many Americans, including Stafford residents, want straight, white teeth. With your physical health, professional career, and dating life at stake, it’s in your best interest to seek professional dental services from an experienced Stafford orthodontist. Let Southpoint Quality Dental elaborate on how quality dental treatments improve your employment and dating prospects.

An American’s First Impressions

A study by Kelton Global, an insights and strategy consultancy firm, reveals that about 29% of Americans observe the smile first when assessing someone’s face, while approximately 24% remember it the most after meeting a person. Thus, a good set of teeth leaves a lasting, positive impression on people, hiring managers and dates included.

First Impressions At A Job Interview

Good teeth help you ace job application interviews. In fact, the Kelton Global study uncovered that Americans think individuals with straight teeth are 45% more likely to land a job than those with crooked teeth, even though they have the same skills and experience.

Moreover, aligned teeth signal traits that please a future employer. For instance, people think that individuals with a healthy set of pearly whites have an amiable personality. They’re perceived as happier, healthier, and smarter than their counterparts — the makings of a favorable employee.

Additionally, people see them as 58% more likely to be successful. A separate study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry echoes the findings. A beautiful smile, it found, made people look more successful. Thus, good teeth are a social indicator that you’re full of potential.

Forbes reports, meanwhile, that 28% of young adults say their less-than-perfect pearly whites can compromise their confidence during job interviews. This could severely affect their performance during the application process.

Scoring A Date

These perceptions extend to your dating life. A survey by a popular dating site discovered that 58% of men and 71% of women evaluate a potential date’s pearly whites. The Kelton Global research also discovered that individuals with straight teeth are 57% likelier to get a first date. A nice smile, after all, beats other great features — about 73% would trust someone with beautiful teeth better than someone with a good job, outfit, or car, for example.

The study adds that about 38% won’t consider a second date with someone with misaligned teeth. This is an even bigger turn-off than living with one’s parents (23%).

Such judgment calls, says USA Today, stem from biological instincts. From a Darwinian perspective, good teeth indicate good health, as it shows a person’s diet and drinking and smoking habits.

The Optimum Dental Solutions

Aligned teeth increase one’s chances of landing a job or a date, so let Southpoint Quality Dental give you a better smile. We offer two effective solutions: braces and Invisalign. Orthodontic braces involve small metal brackets and a wire, while Invisalign treatment uses a set of clear, removal plastic aligners. Our experienced dentist will help you determine the appropriate treatment for your case.

Consider our orthodontic treatments for better employment and social life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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