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On Your Kid’s First Dental Visit

Little boy visiting a dentist for the first time

No kid is ever born fearing the dentist. Dreading the dental chair is more of an acquired habit, and one shaped by experiences. So a first visit is crucial in getting your children to receive dental care, without the anxiety.

We believe that the environment in a dental office has a lot to do with establishing a positive experience for your children. Our office is one of comfort and familiarity. But a good visit to a dentist in Stafford, VA is more than just creating the right environment. It’s also about how the first checkup proceeds.

For The Children

You can be at peace knowing that not much happens in a kid’s first dental visit. Their teeth haven’t grown enough for our dentists to do anything. It’s usually just to check if everything is as it should be. We can also talk about dental care for children so you can attend to their emergency needs (if necessary) at home.

By the time they are one, that’s when the primary teeth have started erupting. That’s when they would need close dental attention. Bringing them once or twice a year, depending on how they handle teeth development, should be sufficient. We can monitor their teeth’s progress, and you don’t overspend on unnecessary visits.

For The Parents

Our pediatric dentist not only has the training and skills to look after your children’s (from infants to adolescents) oral health. Our dentist also has the chairside manner to ease anxieties.

Our staff also takes the utmost precaution when treating children. We use the appropriate tools, and we will always notify you of any development.

As your children’s primary dental care provider, we’ll do everything we can to keep the cavities and tooth decay at bay. But you can apply a few things to ensure your children’s oral health stays in good condition. You can prevent bad habits, such as prolonged thumb sucking, with a mouth appliance. You can also make tooth brushing and flossing fun for your kids. You can give them a balanced diet to further protect their teeth.

And you can arrange a checkup every six months at Southpoint Quality Dental. Contact us today to schedule one for your kids.

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