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Keep the Perfect Smile After Your Braces

After a few years, it’s finally time to take off your braces. All that time spent moving your teeth around, pulling them, adding spacers, and wearing rubber bands has finally come to an end. Once they are off, you will be greeted with a perfect smile, and you will never have to do anything else again—or will you?

You spend so much time following your orthodontist’s rules and improving your dental care that you would think you wouldn’t have to do it anymore, which is not necessarily the case. After your braces are removed, your teeth will be extremely sensitive and easy to move. The hard work you put in during your braces is now progressing to hard work without braces. It is essential to keep up with your orthodontist’s recommendations to ensure you can keep that perfect smile forever.

The Big Day

Removing your braces can be scary, but it is harmless. Little to no pain is felt when getting your braces removed. If anything, there might be some pressure. After your braces are removed, your mouth might feel weird. No brackets in the way, slimy teeth, or sensitivity; it will be a sensation you haven’t felt in a long time.

That Night

Once you get home from getting your braces removed, it will be a lot easier to practice good oral hygiene. With no brackets in the way, you can continue your oral hygiene routine by brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. If you have residual staining from your braces, try a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash to help mitigate the staining. It is important to keep up with your oral hygiene multiple times daily to ensure you will keep your perfect smile for as long as possible.


Once your braces are removed, you will be fitted for a retainer. Your orthodontist might suggest two types of retainers: a permanent retainer or a removable one.


A permanent retainer is a fixed metal wire that sits behind your teeth. It is mostly used for the bottom four to six teeth but can also be used for the top teeth. A permanent retainer offers convenience since you will never have to worry about keeping track of it. However, it can cause some difficulties with flossing because the wire can get in the way.


Removable retainers come in two different options: Hawley and Essix.

Hawley Retainers

A Hawley retainer is a removable plastic and metal retainer. It is identified by the metal wire that sits in front of your teeth. Hawley retainers are slightly more durable and can be adjusted to better fit your teeth.

Essix Retainers

An Essix retainer is an all-plastic retainer. It is made by taking a mold of the patient’s teeth and heating plastic around it to form the retainer. These retainers are not easily spotted when worn, making them a great option if you want to avoid dealing with the appearance of a retainer.

Once you have received your retainer, there are a few things to remember. Based on your orthodontists’ recommendations, you will want to wear your retainer as much as you can. This way, you can keep your teeth aligned for as long as possible. You will also want to make sure to take care of your retainer. Always put it back in your case and never leave it in on or in a paper towel, or you risk losing or damaging it. Also, make sure to clean it regularly. Not only will it lengthen its durability, but it will also look much cleaner when worn.

Life Commitment

Braces were a temporary solution to make your teeth straight. Everything you do going forward will determine if you will have that perfect smile for the rest of your life. If you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth may move to the way they were before braces. Don’t let all that time and money go to waste! Wear your retainer, keep up with good oral hygiene, and you will enjoy life with a beautiful smile.

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