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Beyond A Beautiful Smile: Improving Your Oral Health With Braces

When people have their teeth adjusted with braces, they usually do so to move their teeth into a more favorable position. While it is true that braces can improve the positioning and appearance of the teeth, they go beyond providing cosmetic benefits. Besides getting straight teeth, here are some ways braces can contribute to your oral health.

Minimizes The Risk Of Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

The issue with misaligned teeth goes beyond surface appearance. Crowded or crooked teeth create small gaps between the teeth, which can quickly collect food debris. The stuck food particles in these spaces eventually turn into plaque and increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Braces eliminate these gaps and allow for easier cleaning and detection of any possible oral problems.

Stops Bone Erosion

The placement of your teeth can affect the amount of pressure placed upon your jawbone as you chew or speak. This pressure is vital for stimulating bone growth that keeps your teeth in place. Over time, misaligned teeth can put on too much pressure on other teeth, which can slowly erode the bone. Having braces fitted regulates the pressure to keep your jawbone healthy.

Treats Jaw Pain And Disorders

Speaking of the jaw, your jaw joints may attempt to perform self-correction to fix crowded or crooked teeth. Over time, this may result in severe jaw disorders that affect your comfort and daily living. Symptoms, such as pain, jaw popping, and chronic headaches, are signs that your joints are trying to make up for the misalignment of your teeth. Braces eliminate these symptoms by guiding the jaw back into its proper position.

The rewards of getting braces go far deeper than just having straight teeth. If you are in need of an orthodontic treatment to improve your appearance and oral health, count on the Stafford orthodontists of Southpoint Quality Dental. We offer orthodontic treatments, such as braces and Invisalign, to give you a beautiful smile and a healthier mouth.

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